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The Musical Activist #7: 12 Years 2020 tour | Anna Hughes, Flightfree UK

March 11, 2020

I'm talking to Anna Hughes, Director of Flightfree UK in a wide-ranging chat about the impact aviation is making on climate change. We discuss the Flightfree pledge (please read more at which is a campaign encouraging people to give up flying for a year. Anna is all about "information and inspiration", not guilt and shaming. We talk about the different approaches of focusing on individual actions and on system change and generally reflect on what "climate responsibility" might mean and how we can all play our part.  

Anna is joining me on THURSDAY 26TH MARCH 2020 at King's Place, London for the post-show discussion after my concert of '12 Years' - my one-hour recital-story about the emergency the planet is facing and how different people are responding to it. Please come: book here

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